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Fix Your Buisness to Scale Blue Print Work Book (Pre-Orders)

Fix Your Buisness to Scale Blue Print Work Book (Pre-Orders)

$ 49.00
The Fix Your Business to Scale Blue Print Work Book, is a 30 pg workbook - planner that will provide you the key essential to review, create and implement in your existing business model in order to create a scaleable business. This workbook will be both available digitally & hard copy Sept 2.Pre-sale Pricing is now available! Sept 3 price will go up $25 on each item.
This workbook will consist of:
Part I: Creation
-Business Audit Assessment Self Evaluation Worksheet
-Identifying Your Workflow Processes (Order of Operations Breakdown)
-ROI Worksheet & Goals Setting
-Obtaining Clarity & Identifying Your Target Audience Worksheet
-How to Create an Effective Business Model Worksheet
-How to come up with Content to Write about Your Target Audience Worksheet
-What Must Be In Place During Your Intake Process Breakdown
- How to incorporate systems and processes in place to scale your business
-Content Schedule
-Plus Bonus Worksheets
Part II: Implementation
-How to Integrate Your Systems to Multiple Platforms
-How to Implement Automation into your Business Model Worksheet
-Implementing A Intake Form
-How to Integrate & Implement your Systems & Processes Implementing with The Right System
-How to test out your systems & processes to make sure they work
-Plus Bonus Worksheets
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