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Get READY to Fix Your Business to Scale!

Whether you're a NEW or ESTABLISHED business!

I have the perfect solution to help you Optimize &  FIX Your Business to operate more effectively using systems & processes that will increase your bottom line & scale your business!

Fix Your Business Workflow Creation & Implementation Master Class

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Ready to CUT the distractions & EXCUSES?

And start working smarter and not harder overworking yourself doing all this busy work? Then, let's start running your business like the BOSS that you are that produces RESULTS.

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Are you facing the following challenges in your business?

  1. Just starting your business & don't have a clue what must be put in place or the first steps to take to get your business fully functioning. Ready to become visible in front of new & existing clients but don't know how to map things out to start putting things in motion to start getting traction in your business.

  2. Have an established business & want to maximize your business. Fed up & tired of staying the same, being overwhelmed and not achieving their goals. Have an idea but don't know where to start to revamp your business. Want to get clear at reaching your goals. Is aware that your unorganized & not generating enough customers or income. All over the place & haven’t  automated your business and want to simplify your business to generate leads with ease. Ready to take the next step & implement a change just need some guidance to get the ball rolling.

If any of these scenarios sound like your business, then you're definitely right where you should be. I have the perfect solution to get your business in order and operating at a level that compliments your business vision & goals.

Service base businesses I typically work with desire to:

  • Automate their business from start to finish so that they can focus on more important tasks vs all the busy work?

  • Stop having a hard time incorporating what needs to be done because its so time consuming. Stop having to put your to do list on the back burner. Because your list is to overwhelming.

  • You desire to maximize your business & want to attract and convert more clients. Just unclear on how draw the attention that's needed to attract your ideal clients or create a sales funnel that will lure your ideal clients in.

  • You know it's money out there no matter the competition and desire to identify any money blind spots that you might be overlooking?

  • You desire to get super clear at what it's going to take to run a profitable business. Just tired of not getting the results you desire.

  • You want to get more organized & stop chasing customers.

  • You desire to find more effectively ways to save time and operate and desire to have something automated in place so that their new and existing clients are nurtured &  get the assistance they need without having to always be present and still make money.

  • You desire to create multiple streamlines of income unsure what all you can do in order to obtain as much income as possible. Want to identify any money blind spots that you might be overlooking?

  • You want to improve profitability & revive your business? Tired of staying the same and not seeing the results you desire.

  • Before the end of the year you desire to be able to work on the go & still make money no matter where you are. So you can make money while you sleep!

If any of these scenarios you can relate to, then again your right where you need to be. Unfamiliar with who I am, Monica Hayden, The Innovative Business Coach and I teach new & established service base entrepreneurs how to get to the bottom of what's holding their business back from progressing in the direction that you prefer by provide you with the solution, systems & processes that you need to have in place in order to correct the problem and become more inline with your goals.

Ready to get your business in order? 

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Ready to STEP it UP a Notch and get down to business? 

Here are a few additional ways I can help you grow your business no matter what stage your at in your business. 

Walk Me Through The Process Business Automation

WMTTP is a 5 week systematic virtual course that is designed to  assist entrepreneurs who want to  be walk through the process of  setting up their systems and  business automation that must be  implemented in order to   service their clients with ease and become more inline with your goals.


Fix Your Business to Scale Blue Print Workbook

The Fix Your Business to Scale Blue Print Work Book, is a workbook - planner that will provide you the key essential to review, create and implement in your business model a scaleable business. Available digitally & hard copy Oct 1, 2019. Get Your Pre-Orders in By Oct 1, 2019.


Optimize My Business For Me Business Solution - Business Systems & ProcessesOMBFM s a 5 week  systematic program that is provided to remove all the frustration from setting up & implementing your systems and   process on your own. Allowing someone else the opportunity of integrating and implementing your systems & processes for you. OMBFM is automation, processes & systems on steroids, it will give you the tools that you need to attract, retain and convert more clients new and existing.

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