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Who is Monica?


Monica Hayden is a remarkable entrepreneur, role model and a professional business women.She is the CEO and owner of The Innovative Business Coach, Business Systems & Vision Strategist.


She is also the creator of The Destined To Be Bosses Business Academy & Women Network.


Monica was born & raised in Dallas, TX. She is a one of a kind person known for her big heart and a passion for helping those who are trying to help themselves. Always willing to lend a helping hand when needed. Mo has been involved in several charity events over the years faithfully. Every year she has bought groceries for families with children during the holidays of Christmas & Thanksgiving that could use the help to show her commitment to giving back.


Monica brings 5 years of management and 17 years of sales, public relations, marketing & advertising experience to the table. She has worked with 2 of the largest advertising firm there is in the business AT&T -YP and Verizon in dealing with business advertising. She has worked on several music conferences, host several events and promoted several artist locally and nationally.


She attended College at Prairie View A & M University and several community colleges in both Houston & Dallas majoring in Communications with a minor in Spanish and is still pursuing her education. As the entrepreneur that she is, Mo is stepping her game up & will not stop until she accomplished her goals.


Monica is a subject expert on business systems, process systems automation and integrations. I teach service based entrepreneurs how to operate and move effectively using business systems and processes to grow your business. Monica has experience creating appointment scheduling systems, intake forms, integrating payment systems, websites and landing pages as well as email marketing integrations, product integration and automation based on your servicing needs.