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The Fix Your Business 2 Day Workflow Creation & Implementation Masterclass

$ 385.00

The Fix Your Business Workflow Masterclass is a 2 day in person business boot camp that is designed to teach you how to implement an immediate change into the existing business model of your business in order to operate more effectively using already proven systems & processes to turn profits and scale your business.

This course will teach you the key essentials to refocus your vision and get your business back on track to generating profit the way you visioned.

We will work together in building out the framework for your business to function at a level that compliments what you already have in place, during this course you will:   

Day 1: We will focus on correcting your business model, identify the areas that need improvement, the setup process for automating your business and determine what systems & process need to be put in place to keep you on top of things, increase your visibility and position you stay connected with your new, existing and potential clients.

Day 2: You will implement your new processes & systems in place so that you can start seeing a return on your investments. We will be in implementation mode 1000. Before you leave you should be super clear on what systems must be in place to see results.

    This 2 day crash course is a comprehensive boot camp in every aspect of your business, so be prepared to be without distractions, ready to roll up your sleeves and do the work.

    You will also obtain a Fix Your Business to Scale Blue Print Work Book to assist you in scaling your business. This 5 page workbook will consist of:

    Part I: Creation

    • Business Audit Assessment Self Evaluation Worksheet
    • Identifying Your Workflow Processes (Order of Operations Breakdown)
    • ROI Worksheet & Goals Setting
    • Obtaining Clarity & Identifying Your Target Audience Worksheet
    • How to Create an Effective Business Model Worksheet
    • How to Create an Effective Business Model Worksheet
    • How to come up with Content to Write about Your Target Audience Worksheet
    • What Must Be In Place During Your Intake Process Breakdown
    • How to incorporate systems and processes in place to scale your business
    • Content Schedule
    • Terminology Breakdown
    • Plus Bonuses Worksheets

      Part II: Implementation

      • How to Integrate Your Systems to Multiple Platforms
      • How to Implement Automation into your Business Model Worksheet
      • Implementing A Intake Form 
      • How to Integrate & Implement your Systems & Processes Implementing with The Right System
      • How to test out your systems & processes to make sure they work
      • Plus Bonus Worksheets

      2019 Class Schedule (Limited to 15 Businesses Per Class) 

      I have 2 payment options:

      1. A One Time Payment ($50 off Promo SB)

      2. Payment Plan 

      Payment Plan is available it is $375, Deposit reserves your seat & balance due 1 wk before the actual class. Click the link below to register!

       Class 3: Sept 21 & 22: 10 am - 2 pm & Sun 1 pm - 4 pm

       Class 4: June 8 & 9: Sat 10 am - 2 pm, Sun 1 pm - 4 pm

       Class 5: Dec 13 & 14: 10 am -  2pm & Sun 1 pm - 4 pm

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