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Optimize My Business For Me Business Solution

Optimize My Business For Me Business Solution

$ 2,500.00

What is OMBFM?

Is a 6 week systematic program that is designed to remove the frustration from implementing your systems on your own & allow someone else to do the implementing of your systems for you.

OMBBS will give you the tools that you need to attract, convert more clients with ease.

It you give you everything that you need for your business to survive, build your legacy, reach more goals and sustain your business as long as you do the work that's necessary to maintain it. The framework will be built out for you and integrated to the systems that will assist you in operating.

What will the optimize my business implementation process consist of?

  • 1 - 60 min Comprehensive Business Audit Assessment to get a through understanding of your business model/vision
  • After business model is established, I will reformat & restructure your order of operations workflow
  • Complete your build out of your systems,
  • Implement your systems that will scale your business & create 2 sales lead funnels
  • Integrate your workflow
  • Test out your implementation process and provide a tutorial for you to consistently maintain your systems & processes
  • 1 - 60 min Tutorial to Review your implemented Systems & their Importance
  • 2 - Week of Accountability Reporting after systems are complete to ensure maintaining process is clear. 

What's your end results?

  • You will obtain the confidence and clarity that you need to operate more effectively, implement change & scale your business.
  • Effective systems that will scale your business 
  • A solid business model geared toward your vision
  • Increase of client engagement & conversion rate
  • The more effort you apply the better your results 


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